Recruitment Process

To ensure that everybody who joins our team is offered the best onboarding experience and ability to start the journey. We have made sure our hiring process is accessible and flexible.


✔  APPLICATION: Submitting the application through our career portal is the first step and gives the opportunity to the applicant to tell us about him/herself.
✔  SCREENING & ASSESSMENT: The applications are screened by our Recruitment Specialists. Our assessment and screening phase is fair and detailed which helps us determine if the applicant meets the set criterion to be shortlisted for the interview process.
✔  INTERVIEWS: The Interview process comprises 3 stages; Initial Telephonic screening, face-to-face meeting, and Final Interview along with pre-qualification Tests (if required).
✔  OFFER: HR sends an offer letter consisting of Job Description, Company profile, and Payroll & remuneration information along with brief HR policies to the selected candidate for acceptance.