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Here a re a list of some frequently asked questions by our clients. if you don’t find the answer you seek, please feel free to contact us.

We can set up your campaign within a few business days. For projects requiring multiple employees, or those requiring a higher level of technical skills, it can take over a week to source and hire the right candidate(s). Contact us for specific hiring timetables and we will be happy to give you more detailed insight.

We will hire the best agents to fit your campaign or project. We have a large pool of college educated applicants available. After we have selected several potential applicants, our clients have the option to do individual phone screenings to choose an agent, or leave the selection process completely up to us. We are one of the leading call centers and telemarketing companies in the Pakistan. We only hire telemarketers and customer support assistants who are right for the job. All of the applicants we screen will have the following basic skills:

✔  4 year accredited university degree
✔  Fluent English language skills, neutral accent
✔  At least 1 year call center experience
✔  At least 1 year outbound sales experience
✔  Proficient on the Internet, email, CRM, and Windows applications

If you need any special skills in your agent such as medical transcription or legal trainings please let us know and we can source an individual with the required expertise.

This is a big concern for most people when selecting an agent to work on their calling campaign. While accent is important to a certain extent, it is far from the most important concern you should have. When speaking with your prospective agent, make sure you can understand them and they have decent, and not necessarily perfect grammar. The main goal is to put someone who is easily understandable on the phone who can follow your set process and deliver results.

In our ever more globally integrated world people don’t expect a telemarketer, customer service agent, appointment setter, etc. to be right down the street from their office. When drawing a business conclusion, you should focus on more quantitative factors and not put too much emphasis on an aesthetic quality such as the agent’s voice. We recommend that if you can easily understand them, and vice versa, and the agent meets other considerations, accent is not an issue.

Most call centers make comprehension a central focus when making hiring decisions, so in many cases your work is already done for you. A quick way to test is to jump around in your conversation and see if the agent is able to keep up. Ask unrelated questions, or for directions to a place the agent will know. Ask for clarification on a given answer. Make the agent think and speak outside of the box from a typical interview where they expect to be reading the script in a roll-play situation.

While most clients who are new to using outsourced voice agents often want the agent to be “conversational” with the script and process, this is usually not the best idea. Having a concrete, repeatable process means you can easily scale, and that you will have much more consistent results. Scripts should be crafted to quickly get the proposition out there and then in an “if, then” format. Rebuttals for common objections should be scripted as well, and additional common objections can be worked into the script as the account is running. While getting an agent than can get off script and affect a casual, friendly manner with prospects would be ideal in some situations it is simply not scalable and defeats the purpose of outsourcing.

What will the agent need to do other than call and execute a script? Do they need to email leads? Fill out a web-form? Instant messenger you with appointment times? These are all aspects to consider when setting up and staffing a campaign. How much time do these tasks take you to complete? Try to get an idea what the agent will need to do on a day to day basis, you may need more staff to complete all required tasks.

We will hire the right candidate to work around your schedule. Your employee will typically work a 40 week (however overtime can be arranged for if needed). A basic schedule might be from 8am to 5pm EST with a 1 hour lunch break. For larger jobs or those in need of 24 hour support we can arrange for the right number of reps to fit your needs.

Managed vs. Unmanaged campaigns, when considering a managed vs. unmanaged campaign it’s important to understand what goes into each. With a managed campaign the day-to-day work of reporting, agent training and coaching, process assignment and quality assessments are done for you. This does not mean you cannot be as directly involved as you would like with the agents and process, but the heavy lifting will be taken care of by someone else, such as your account manager. Unmanaged accounts are a different story. Your agent is your direct employee. The company will handle payroll, staffing, and making sure the agent is available at their station with working computer Tribe Consulting (Pvt) Limited. All Rights Reserved
Email: [email protected] and phone. After that it’s up to you.

Things to consider in this case are the process; what are the inputs (calling data, script, additional contact materials such as email), outputs (leads, appointments, reporting, etc.), verifying the quality, coaching agents, amending script changes, etc., etc.

A good way to decide which option makes sense is to diagram out how the account will work. What you need to give to the agent, what they need to produce, how that information is transfer and what you will need to provide as feedback. If you have a very simple project an unmanaged solution might be the best fit for you. If your process is going to take up more of your time than you would save by opting to have someone else manage the account that is probably the best choice.

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