Live Chat Support

With Tribe’s 24-7 live chat support solution you can convert your online web traffic into loyal customers. In today’s highly digitalized market-space it is becoming increasingly important for businesses, small or large, to have a highly effective online customer service and sales strategy.

With our years of experience, being in constant contact with customers, we have realized that customers want help, but they don’t like navigating phone trees, waiting on the line, and then explaining an issue over the phone. In most cases, by the time they reach a representative on the phone, the customer is already frustrated. Saving them time makes you money!

In a survey conducted by Forrester, 44% of respondents said that having a live person answer their questions while they were in the middle of an online purchase was one of the most important features a website could offer. A further 91% who have used live chat support are satisfied with its ability to aid in their online purchase decisions, resolve customer service and technical support issues and also answer product questions in a timely manner. Our E-representatives facilitate the connection of business and experts with consumers seeking help online through real-time messaging creating a more compelling and personalized online experience. Our agents are fully trained and highly competent individuals possessing very well developed interpersonal skills geared towards engaging customers, providing direction through the sales process, and converting customers into potential buyers.

Apart from an increase in online conversions, customer acquisitions, and the average order value. There is also a significant reduction in shopping cart abandonment. Furthermore, live chat support can be up to 33% cheaper than other customer support channels such as phone and email.