Inbound & Outbound

We understand that in today’s highly competitive and consumer-centric market

We understand that in present’s extremely competitive and consumer-centric market, market penetration and customer acquisition is the prime priority for any leading business whereas retaining those customers runs a close second. At Tribe Consulting (Pvt) Limited, it’s our goal to customize, design and manage customer acquisition and sales solutions that are quite aligned to your marketing strategy, for they ensure maximum operational efficiency and maximize your revenue as well. Whether you are looking for sales lead generation or B2B appointment setting, we can devise solutions that will meet your requirements. We realize the importance of key metrics like cost per hour, first call resolution, customer satisfaction and upsell/cross sell opportunities, and the effect they can have on the overall success of your business. Inbound and Outbound

Following are some of the features available in our technical infrastructure to drive efficiency:

✔   Automatic call distribution (auto-dialer feature)
✔   Predictive dialing facility.
✔   Interactive voice response (IVR).
✔   “Hot Transfer” facility
✔   CRM software. Outbound and Inbound
✔   Capacity of up to a 100 active/online agents at any given time.

We offer a wide range of end to end business process management/outsourcing solutions. Including:

✔   Customer acquisition (prospecting sales/lead generation)
✔   Channel Sales. Inbound and Outbound
✔   Product & technical support
✔   Back office customer service and support
✔   Omni channel solutions. Inbound and Outbound